Sunday, June 13, 2021

Event Reminder -- Jasper Jaunt -- June 19

Details are coming along for the club's first driving event of the year now that we're emerging from under the Covid-19 restrictions.

Saturday, June 19 will be our Jasper Jaunt, taking advantage of the longest-daylight Saturday of the year.

Details will be e-mailed out to all club members late Sunday, June 13 and this will be an all-day event (unless you wish to overnight on your own). We'll be meeting up in Rocky Mountain House with the Canadian Rockies Miata Club who will be doing their own Banff Blast event as we drive together from RMH to Saskatchewan River Crossing before turning north for Jasper or south for Banff respectively.

Meeting Reminder -- June 17

We're back baby! Live and in-person (2m apart).
Bring a lawn chair and your mask at we'll see you under the Service department's awning at Park Mazda at 7pm on Thursday, June 17.