Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presidential Prattle

The deadline for entry to the August 8 autoslalom (if you weren't already on the list from the first three autoslaloms of this year) is TODAY (Thursday)...the list will be submitted to the base tomorrow. The weather looks great (long-range forecasts can change) for the event. The BBQ lunch is confirmed for this bring change or small bills. (BTW, Andrew appreciates payment for the entry fee by way of a cheque or exact change if you can...)

Hopefully you've all received (or will by the end of the week at the latest) the August newsletter. Sorry for the minor delay in mailing them between the meeting and Monday of this week...the Kicking Horse Rag Top Run took me out of contention for the weekend that followed the meeting and I didn't get around to it during last week.

Work on the September issue is nearing completion, so if you have a classified ad to update or something to go in, speak now, or hold your peace for a month.

The lastest rush of new members (four cars and seven people) is nice to's typically the end of summer / early fall where we see the largest influx, but I think that this year it's started early.

Bob D., per last night's e-mail from Martin S. -- our Events Director -- is getting into the details for the organization of the club's first Show 'n Shine. He's looking for 25 cars (roughly 20% of the club) please plan on attending. The hope is that based on our support of this event this year, we can combine it with Air Fest next year, for even more exposure.

Have a great and safe August long-weekend.

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