Saturday, April 3, 2010

WRMC's 15th Anniversary -- Sunday Brunch, April 25

On Sunday, April 25 we'll finally be celebrating the Wild Rose Miata Club's 15th Anniversary. Originally hoped for October (when it actually occurs), and then hoped for our usual timeframe of January, both dates fell through. Now's the time!

We'll be partaking in the Sunday brunch at the Lily Lake Resort (formerly the Red Barn), which is about a 30min drive from St. Albert. We'll meet at 10:00am at St. Albert Centre (aka: the Mall) in the NW corner of the parking lot (at the base of the pedestrian overpass...where we have meet a few times for the Spring Drive and/or Fall Colours Run when going from N to S). From there, we'll drive the half hour or so to LLR. If you're unable to make the rendezvous but still want to go, you can meet us there around about 11:00am.

At present, it's anticipated that it will be the small buffet (no sea food), so cost is $15 per person. If we do manage to pull in a lot of people, they may offer us the large buffet (full compliment of food items...both breakfast and lunch) for $30 per person...but I won't know that until I have full attendance numbers and talk with the manager of LLR.

Come out and share in the celebratory experience of our club's 15th Anniversary (six months late).

Hopefully you all have your Miatas out by then...but if you're bringing more family members, the OTM (Miata-parlance for the "Other Than Miata" vehicle) is welcome just as well.

RSVPs are required to and must be in by Friday, April 16. Please let me know the number of people in your party.

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