Saturday, May 15, 2010

Event Reminder - Spring Drive - May 22

Saturday, May 22 is the Spring Drive. As with last year’s Fall Colours Run, we’ll be running in the traditional (clockwise) direction, which is to say Gate-way Park to St. Albert, with a mid-point stop at Seba Beach for a restroom break and a stretch.

Meeting time is for 12:00pm at Gateway Park. We may do an impromptu group photo if people wish (ie: if the grass is green), otherwise, it’s likely that we’ll put out around 12:30pm, to stop about 90min later at Seba Beach; getting going no more than 30min later for the remaining 90min to St. Albert. The Dairy Queen on St. Albert Trail is always so busy, so if anybody can suggest a better place to end the drive, speak up now!

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