Thursday, September 30, 2010

Event Reminder - Fall Colours Run - October 2

The Fall Colours Run is Saturday, October 2.

We meet at Gateway Park (the oil derrick on the QE II Highway at the city's southern limits) for 10:30am with a departure for 11am. (Waiver must be don't show up at 11 expecting to leave right away...please come on time.)

The drive will be two legs of approximately 90min with a 30min stretch (bathroom) break at Seba Beach in the middle. We'll end on the outskirts of St. Albert and have no defined end point unless people desire an ice cream or something.

Please have a full tank of gas. You won't need it all, but there is no opportunity for gas on the route, so being low may cause you to have to leave to find it.

Bring your cameras & hats (wear sunscreen per the weather forecast) and come prepared for a fun drive on all the twisty and/or hilly roads surrounding Edmonton.

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