Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wild Rose Miata Club support for Flyin' Miata's entry to the 2011 Targa Newfoundland race

With great interest, Flyin' Miata has decided to return to the Targa Newfoundland race in 2011 (Sept 10-17), this time with a two-car team. Keith & Janel Tanner are planning for an outright win, re-tooling their 2008 class-winning NA "Targa Miata" with a V8, and Bill Cardell will be competing in the Grand Touring class with a journalist as a co-driver in either "Elvis", FM's V8-equipped NB Miata, or "Nancy", their supercharged NC Miata. You can read about it via the header text of this post.

Many of us have of course enjoyed Keith & Janel's efforts in the 2008 race via our own newsletters, and of course have benefited from the product development that went into the Targa Miata (AFCO suspension, butterfly brace, Keith's latest book, etc...), and spent many an hour riveted to Keith's build diary of the car from 2006-08.

But, to afford this two-car entry, FM can't do it alone, so the call has gone out the Miata community for support.

Upon an idea of mine, all individual support at the "Fan" (up to $50) or "Team Member" ($50 and above) will be pooled with the intent of the club's total support topping the "Patron" level (min $500), which would get the Wild Rose Miata Club's name on the car. (I secretly hope that we'll top $1,500 to the "Sponsor" level, which would have the WRMC listing in all press releases as a major contributor).
Given how much Flyin' Miata has supported the WRMC (donations of door prizes at various Anniversary Parties) as well as their endless tech support for the many of us who have their products on our Miatas (not just turbo-chargers), it's a way of paying them back with our support.

As a "Team Member", you'll receive a limited-edition t-shirt proclaiming your as one of the coolest Miata owners around.

The deadline for supporting this effort is March 11 (as that's the last day that they can withdraw from the race without financial penalty), so take advantage of the above-par dollar exchange now.


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