Sunday, June 19, 2011

Googlegroup teething pains

An important change was made to the club's Googlegroup this morning, such that a REPLY will only go to the original sender as opposed to defaulting to the club. If you wish to reply to the club at-large, you must use REPLY-ALL.

Hopefully this will address the complaints of mis-addressed e-mails and cut down on what some of you have noted as an excess of e-mails.

Hang in there people...this will be an improvement. If you did unsubscribe to the group during its first two months of operation, and you want back in, please contact Martin S. or myself directly. Without being on the Googlegroup, you will miss out on important event annoucements and the quarterly newsletter and even the website just can't compete on the timeliness of updates that an e-mail affords.


Richard D. -- President

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