Sunday, September 25, 2011

Event Reminder -- Fall Colours Run -- October 1

Saturday, October 1 is the Fall Colours Run using our tried and tested favourtie route.

We meet at Gateway Park for 12:30pm, and after the event waiver is signed by all participants and such, we'll get under way at 1:00pm, which should have us arriving in Seba Beach by about 2:30pm, where we'll stop to stretch our legs (facility break) for 30min. Back under way again by 3:00pm, we should be rolling into St. Albert by about 4:30pm.

Please ensure that your car has a full gas tank (you won't need it all, but as there's no opportunity for gas en-route, don't run out) and be prepared for whatever the weather is.

See you all then, for what is always our best-attended event of the year.

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