Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Upcoming Event -- Candy Cane Lane Cruise -- December 17

Apart from the one last remaining club meeting, there is still one event left for 2011, that being the Candy Cane Lane Cruise in support of the Edmonton Food Bank, on Saturday, December 17.

Martin will be e-mailing out details as the date approaches, but sufficed to say, we'll be meeting at the Second Cup on 149 Street a few blocks north of Whitemud Drive, and from there, take a drive up and down Candy Cane Lane. Attendance in a Miata is not required, nor is it required to be top-down if you do (it does generate a lot of response from the crowds of people on CCL though). The important part is to make a donation to the Edmonton Food Bank while enjoying the sights (and sounds) of CCL, and to wish your fellow club members a little bit of holiday cheer.

(The Polar Bear Run on New Year's Day will of course be our first event of 2012.)

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