Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Event Reminder -- Thursday, June 7 -- Ondrack Garagemahal Tour

A reminder of the forthcoming tour of Jack Ondrack's garage with its car and race-car collection on Thursday, June 7. Not published in the Spring newsletter (it developed after printing), this is a treat not to miss, facilitated by Brian S., fresh back from his successful run at the Knox Mountain Hill Climb on the May longweekend. It's developing into a meet at Gateway Park for just after 6pm, with a prompt departure at 6:30pm so that we can arrive at Jack's at 7pm. A route map will be e-mailed out soon once I confirm the address location in Parkland County vis-a-vis Google Maps' impression of where it is. This will leave you of course with a day to clean off the bugs from your car in preparation for the Show 'n Shine at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum on Saturday and the EZCC autoslalom on Sunday. A busy couple of Miata days next week ahead.

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