Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jasper Jaunt -- Saturday, June 22

The club's next event -- the Jasper Jaunt -- will occur all-day Saturday, June 22. Timed to coincide with the longest daylight day of the year, we'll be departing from Edmonton at 7:30am, for a drive out to Jasper National Park to enjoy the sights, sounds, and good roads found there. Highlights will be Mt. Edith Cavell (if it's open in time), Athabasca Falls, (Sunwapta Falls if Mt. Edith Cavell is closed), Medicine Lake / Maligne Lake, and Miette Hot Springs. We'll stop for lunch / goodies at the Bear's Claw Bakery in Jasper townsite too. Dinner will be in Edson on the way back. This is an all-day out-and-back event...but if you'd rather stay in JNP overnight and come home on Sunday, you're welcome too. Meeting location will be sent out via club e-mail.

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