Sunday, September 1, 2013

NASCC road racing spectating -- September 14-15

The ranks of the Spec Miata class at the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club's road racing will again increase for the last event of the season at Castrol Raceway, as a four-car purchase just occurred. One of our former club members is one of the people who have just acquired a car, and at least two of these new cars will join the existing seven or eight SM cars for the last event, including club member Mark B. Added to that, there are other Miatas running in other classes of club members Vitor P., Julian P., and Brian S. So, let's go out again to spectate and cheer them on. The schedule for the racing can be found on in the Racing / Forms & Downloads menu. Hope to see you out there in the grand-stand. Bring a camera and long-lens! PS: The racing is excellent. PPS: Did we mention that we finally have a permanent road course in Edmonton! PPPS: This is in our backyard folks...get out there!!!

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